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The following pages give an overwiev of our printed music, published by several music publishers and some news.
The books are available in music shops in all countries.






Klassik meets Jazz 2 Klassik meets Jazz 2 Paris in Blue
El Corazon del Tango Let's swing, Mr. Diabelli Klassik meets Jazz 2 Jazz On Beethoven Cool Jazz Serenade


News (January 2021):

"12 Etudes for piano" by Uwe Korn. Schott Music ED 23469. Release in February/March 2021.

YouTube playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLgE3tT1gNOJFA_D1oliG-LSl3vlaG7l0Z

The list will be completed shortly.






News (November 2020):

Hello piano players everywhere!
We have a lot of inquiries about the "Caballos Españoles", maybe because of the ABRSM syllabus in which it appears in grade 8.  Many write to me that they cannot get the sheet music. The book "Tango Meets Jazz", which contains this piece, seems to be totally sold out all over the world.  But you can download the Caballos here (sheet music):



This is the publisher's official website (Schott Music).
If that doesn't work, please let me know.  We will find a way ...


News (August 2020):
Meets Jazz, Caballos Espanoles, 12 Etudes for piano ... :

crazy digital times: last week I could talk to 200 Chinese piano teachers about my music without even going there!
It was a great pleasure being invited to a master class

by international concert pianist Ernest So in Honkong with participants from all over mainland China.
All the best for Ernest and all piano players there!



News (July 2020):

The "Caballos Españoles" (spanish horses) came to the ABRSM (Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music) in 2020/21,

grade 8.
Good luck with the exams for all piano players!

“Tango Meets Jazz” for piano (Schott Music ED 20878)




Here is a recording of the "Caballos Españoles" I like hugely,

played by the magnificent pianist Ernest So.
He recorded this, as he told me, during a live demonstration

of the ABRSM syllabus “for a bunch of piano teachers”.






A beautiful “living-room concert” in corona times

by excellent pianist Jekaterina Katya Chanewicz (Texas).

Three pieces from “Tango Meets Jazz” for piano

(Schott Music ED 20878):
An arrangement of Villoldo’s “El Choclo”,

followed by two compositions:

“La Premonición”(2:30) and “Waltz for Lena”(6:00).






Listen to this wonderful interpretation of "Old French Jazz Piano Suite" from "Paris in Blue" for piano

(Schott Music ED 21295) by Erik Cortés Alcántara (Mexico City):





Here comes a very nice interpretaion of "Senor Siminor" from "Classics Meet Jazz 2" for piano (Schott Music ED 20537)

with Sarah Takagi, piano, Jon Hindmarsh and Rick Landwehr, percussion (Boston):





Etude No.10 from "12 Etudes for piano":





"Jazz Badinerie" and "Senor Siminor" from

"Classics Meet Jazz" for Flute and Piano" (Schott Music ED 22249)

played by Amy Porter, Professor of flute (University of Michigan)

and Liz Ames, piano ...

... and here, from the same amazing and spirited concert:

"Habanera con Cigarro" and "Jazz Czardas".



This is a very "simpatico" performance of "Choclo con Salsa" from "Tango Meets Jazz"

for piano (Schott Music ED 20878) with Alexandra Weiss, piano, David Story on drums (Toronto):




Listen to this cool interpretation of "Mozart Goes Blues" from "Classics meet Jazz 1" for piano (Schott Music ED 20177).

Performance: 林芳屹 ( 鋼琴音樂分享—芳屹老師彈奏 )


"Moldau at Night" from "Classics meet Jazz 1" for piano

(Schott Music ED 20177) basée sur "la Moldau" de B. Smetana.





Listen to this cool interpretation of "Nacnac" from

"Classics meet Jazz " for flute and piano.


"The Barber’s Swing" from

"Classics meet Jazz 1" for piano (Schott Music ED 20177).





Here comes the real cuban spirit: The famous El Schnucko with "Habanera" and "Habanera con Cigaro" from "Classics meet Jazz 1"

for piano (Schott Music ED 20177).



An exciting version of "Nacnac" (based on Offenbach's "Cancan")

from "Classics Meet Jazz" for Flute and Piano (Schott Music

ED 22249), played by french violinist Alyssa Ait Hammou

and Dominique Sablier on piano.